Welcome to GLS!

Welcome to the home page of the Gay and Lesbian Sierrans (GLS) — an activity section of the Rocky Mountain Chapter (RMC) of the Sierra Club.

GLS Purpose

Past Outing Photo The purpose of the Gay & Lesbian Sierrans is to involve the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community in conservation and environmental efforts by creating outdoor, social, and activist opportunities for GLBT members of the Sierra Club and the greater Colorado community.

Our priorities are:

  • Increasing awareness and appreciation of the natural world by planning and conducting outings and social events, environmental education programs, and conservation activities.
  • Enlisting the people, energy and resources of the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community in the causes of conservation and environmental responsibility.
  • Providing outreach for Sierra Club membership and environmental efforts within the GLBT community.

Outings and Events

Past Outing Photo

The GLS Section schedules several outings each month:

  • day hikes
  • peak climbs
  • camping and backpacking
  • bicycle rides
  • river trips
  • cross-country skiing
  • snowshoeing

In addition to our own yearly GLS trail maintenance on Capitol Peak, we assist conservation and rehabilitation efforts organized by groups such as:

Our environmental education activities include:

  • speakers
  • slide shows
  • field trips to education, government and industrial facilities

We regularly plan social activities:

  • out-to-dinner nights
  • potlucks
  • movie nights
  • cultural events, museum trips

Our Outings Leaders have additional training and education opportunities:

Get Involved!

The GLS is led by great volunteers. We are always looking for new outings leaders and event organizers who share our passion for the outdoors. Would you like to organize a hike on your favorite trail, or take a fun group to a great restaurant or movie? Organizing these events is easy. Please join GLS to learn how to get started.

GLS Meetup Group — Join our Meetup group to stay informed about upcoming outings and events. This is the best way to stay up-to-date on GLS activities.

GLS Activities Email List — Sign up for our Activities Email List. We'll periodically send out information about upcoming outings and events.

GLS Membership — Interested in getting involved with GLS on a regular basis? Consider supporting GLS with a personal membership. Proceeds from memberships help us to pay for our projects and training for leaders.

Note: You do not need to be a member of GLS or the Sierra Club to participate in our outings and events. But your membership provides financial support for our conservation and educational programs.