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GLS Membership

New and Renewing Members

New Members — If you are a first-time GLS member, complete the GLS Membership Form[PDF] and send it in with your donation.

Renewing Members — If you are renewing your membership and need to change your contact information or interest profile, also complete the GLS Membership Form[PDF] and send it in with your donation. If you don't need to edit your membership information, feel free to renew your membership using PayPal to make your donation (see below).

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Renew Membership or Make a Donation

PayPal Payment — You can renew your membership or make a donation to GLS using PayPal. It is quick, easy and completely secure. And, if you are paying by credit card, you don't even need a PayPal account to make a payment. Just enter the amount of your donation below and click the Donate button to get started. If you would like to designate portions of your donation for special GLS projects, please use PayPal's "Add special instructions for the Merchant" to indicate your preferences.

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Your Dollars at Work

Membership dues and donations to GLS will be used for the following projects.

General GLS Support / Membership (suggested donation $10/individual, $15/couple)

  • A GLS Membership donation supports GLS' yearly activities, which include PrideFest, Capitol Peak Trail Maintenance, communication with members, and our minimal administrative costs.
  • A GLS Membership does not include membership in the National Sierra Club. You would need to join the National Sierra Club separately.
  • Note: You do not need to be a member of GLS or the Sierra Club to participate in our outings and events.

Wilderness First Aid Training

  • A focus for GLS has been outings' leader training, especially training in Wilderness First Aid (WFA). The wisdom of this emphasis was seen in 2005 on Capitol Peak when the WFA-trained GLS crew organized the stabilization and successful nighttime evacuation of another hiker in a life-threatening situation. GLS would like to be able to help with costs so that additional GLS leaders can be trained in Wilderness First Aid.

Environmental / Conservation Education

  • The Gay and Lesbian Sierrans are an affiliated Section of the Sierra Club and we advance their ongoing conservation, preservation and education efforts. The importance and necessity of this work becomes more obvious everyday. Our own survival is at stake. GLS would like to include more of a conservation/education component in its activities.

GLS Donation to the Sierra Club

  • The Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Sierra Club and the National Sierra Club directly support GLS with leadership training, organizational advice, publicity, access to resources, and liability coverage for our qualified leaders. We would like to acknowledge the Sierra Club's contribution by making a yearly financial donation in the name of GLS to the Sierra Club to support their national efforts.